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Nihlin' protest


End 2009, I spent an afternoon in Nil’hin, documenting the weekly Palestinian protest against the building of wall segments in this village at the border with by Israel.


While the march is originally meant to be non-violent, it usually rapidly escalates into confrontation between the young protesters and the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

Slingshots and stones on one side, against tear-gas grenade and rubber coated real bullets on the other...



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Hebron & Jenin


Hebron is infamous for its regular confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli settlers, living in the Palestinian city. The most impressive was the emptiness of the streets, the uncountable shops that were sealed closed by the Israeli’s army.


Visually balancing this desolation, the Jenin camp, in the North of Palestine, is filled with Palestinian youth, however unemployed and surrounded by martyr's celebrating imagery.



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