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Polizia Mortuaria


The work of the Polizia Mortuaria (the mortuary police) of Naples is very specific: every time a person dies from an unnatural death within the large Neapolitan urban area, the team is called to take care of the body and bring it to the morgue.

They end up in the most unimaginable sceneries, dealing with suicide cases, car accidents, forgotten rotting bodies, camorra’s crimes… A very though work.


When I first met Giovanni, the head of the worker’s Union, he told me about their terrible working conditions. I gained his trust and was allowed to spend some time with him and his team. I started a on-going series about their work and long hours spent waiting for a call, especially during the night shift.



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Spanish quarters


The Spanish quarters in the center of Naples have a pretty bad reputation and are  often presented as the nest of criminal activities. Unemployment reaches more than 50% of its

inhabitants, who spend a lot of their time in the outside.


I spent several weeks walking the numerous narrow streets and made a series of portraits.