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Documentary films

From independent low-budget to institutionally supported documentaries, we make films that aim at rising questions about societal issues, human rights and human feelings.


We believe that film can broaden people’s vision and help understanding the other, difference and the unknown.

This can lead to more tolerance in these regards and in turn, more chances for peace to be established.

We see documentary film-making as a way to give a voice to those who don’t or can’t have one,

mostly suppressed by economic pressure or society lore.


We worked on films and photo projects supported by various institutions in The Netherlands (The Dutch Film Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, OXFAM NOVIB, ICCO) and in Europe (Conseil Général de l’Hérault, FR, Conseil Régional d’Auvergne, FR, Palazzo Arti Napoli, IT).

EEE - Europe Endless Express

2017, The Netherlands

Trailer, 2 min. 40 sec.

Europe Endless Express is a project about traveling through Europe, questioning its territory, its people, its culture, its identity...


Role: Co-director and Cameraman

Così Napoli (Simply Naples)

2014-...., Italy/The Netherlands

Teaser, 4 min. 25 sec.

Così Napoli is a film project in progress about a few Neapolitan characters that represent in my eyes the essence of Naples. A struggling and expressive transgender, a gas station worker and the responsible of the mortuary police's Union. The film aims at portraying Naples in its intricacy and mystery.


Role: Director, Cameraman & Editor

Inside a Secondary School

2014, France

Trailer, 4 min. 25 sec.  -  Full version, 40 min.

Inside a Secondary School is a visual research exploring and questioning the French educational system. It was made during an Art residency in Montpellier, supported by Le Conseil Général de l'Hérault.


Role: Director, Cameraman & Editor

Ramallah Road

2012, Palestine/The Netherlands

Trailer, 2 min. 50 sec.  -  Full version, 40 min.

Ramallah Road is a film about a common situation in Palestine, to which a group of young peaceful activist respond to in a daring and uncommon way.


Role: Co-director, Cameraman & Editor

We Never See Them

2010, France

Full version, 11 min.

We Never See Them is a research about a cluster in Saint Flour in France.


Role: Director, Cameraman & Editor

About Women

2010, Italy/The Netherlands

Full version, 11 min.

About Women portrays 3 Neapolitan preparing themsleves before going out and reflecting on their sexuality.


Role: Director, Cameraman & Editor


2010, Italy/The Netherlands

Full version, 7 min. 45 sec.

Veramente? is a visual research about the blurred border between acting and being, in different symbolic places of Naples.


Role: Director, Cameraman & Editor